Representative to the United Nations

Added to this impressive list, she has now accepted an invitation of appointment by Datuk Agung Sidayu to be the Representative to the United Nations for the Ypi Wira Tata Buana. Her work for the cameras and behind the scenes has been nothing short of amazing. She will graciously accept her first appointment scheduled for March.

UN-Women-logo.jpgYPI Wira Tata Buana is an accreditation partner of ICDL Asia in Indonesia and the Special Consultative Status in ECOSOC United Nations since 2013. They are now in position of implementing the UNWOMEN program which is Empowering Women and Equality through ICDL training and Certification. The groundwork they have laid out for Women has been an extraordinary show of effort and relentless passion. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are central to the achievement of sustainable development. This year, in the Political Declaration of the 59th UN Commission on the Status of Women, Member States pledged to take concrete actions to ensure the full, effective and accelerated implementation of the Platform through significantly increased investments to close the resource gaps which hinder the achievement of gender equality.

The first step in this achievement was to appoint Erin J Morgart as the director of the new era. Her success is well documented and the success she has accumulated in such a short time is an inspiration to women all over the world. Now is the time congratulate her on her journey and give a standing ovation to YPI Wira tata Buana for their commitment to equality. Datuk Agung Sidayu has appointed many representatives in his lifetime, but this time he hit a homerun!

Starting young in the theater community, Erin had her first speaking role at the age of five. Learning the craft of acting, singing, makeup and costumes, Erin’s love for the theater and the art of expression has never dwindled: neither has her passion for physicality and athleticism.