Public Figure ERIN J MORGART Joins Fashion Fit as Features Editor

Following the sad passing of Suzie Wong, our founder, we are honored to announce that

Erin J. Morgart

UN Goodwill Ambassador,

Miss United Nations,

Miss Galaxy,

Hollywood Film Producer / Director,

Actress, Model,


US TV & Radio Host,

Fitness Expert, MENSA, CEO. (based in LA USA)

has very kindly agreed to take on the role of Features Editor of Fashion Fit Magazine.



Erin J. Morgart is, if anything, a Renaissance Woman on a mission to take over the world. An ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs Scale, Erin is a World Renowned Published Fitness Supermodel, having placed Fourth in the World as a Fitness Model in a year-long competition against thousands of females primarily ages 21-35 and promoted by the gold-standard of Fitness Publications, Athletes, Top Fitness Photographers and Judges — Status Fitness Magazine.

As a Fitness Model, Erin has been published in IMDb newspapers and magazines and has had over 300 radio appearances. As well, the Social Media Maven has been cast as the lead in an upcoming TV Network Show currently in pre-production but slated for Fall 2015. With this latest adventure into the world of Reality TV, Erin had to step up her game by hiring top Beverly Hills Law Firm Donaldson + Callif, who currently represent her.

A member of the Junior League of Los Angeles, American MENSA and an active participant and member of numerous High IQ groups and think tanks, she has consistently been in the top 1% on LinkedIn for three years consecutively. Verified by Facebook and having a following there of close to 100,000 followers total, she has dominated the Social Media Sites by increasing her reach to Instagram (26,000) and Twitter (65,000).

As a result of having such major connections and being nominated as an Influencer for LinkedIn for 2015 with roughly 294,494,265 potential connections, Erin is setting the bar as to the importance of being one of the world’s most connected individuals. In a recent move, Erin was aggressively hired by top Social Media Expert Tony Rocha, PhD (Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News) to handle his Social Media business affairs. A gifted writer and former English Literature major as a freshman in college, Erin published a controversial article regarding quantum physics and multidimensional cognition for USA Today Magazine in conjunction with two renowned MD’s known for their equally high IQ. To master the public sector, she holds the titles of Ms. United Nations 2012 and 2013 (USA), as well as Ms. Galaxy Virginia 2012, using the Pageant Circuit to further her exposure as not only a trainer but as a Speaker and a role model for females and teens nationwide.

Voted in the Top Ten Fitness Trainers by FitTV in 2010, she has held the stage with virtually all recognizable Fitness Celebrities, having presented at Fitness Expos from Hawaii to Miami. Erin is fluent in four languages — English, French, Italian and Classical Latin. A lifelong student, she is studying Spanish to master a fifth language. While also maintaining her Certified Personal Training Certification via the American Council on Exercise, Erin is a Military (USN) Active Duty Fitness Trainer (NF3), having worked with crews from Aircraft Carriers to Submarines to Destroyers — the largest of her classes contained two hundred and fifty active-duty sailors.

She won countless awards for training the Admiral and his staff for three years while stationed in Hawaii and was awarded numerous Recommendations by both the Admiral, his staff and many of the CO’s of the Commands as she reduced not only the running times of the commands but also reduced their overall body fat and weight. Others who reaped the benefits of her Combat Fitness Training Program were one of the Navy Seal Teams, the Seabees and the Hospital Corpsmen. Likewise, Erin worked alongside Pediatricians and other MD’s to work with the Youth Program, helping parents and their children to work together to live a more fit lifestyle.

Along with Erin’s numerous certifications in Spinning, CrossFit, Zumba, Pilates, MMA, Kickboxing and Elite Athlete Training, she has trained several celebrities over the past five years, along with numerous clientele from Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Anderson University, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Citadel and now currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the United States Sports Academy, Erin continues to further her knowledge in both Psychology and Medicine by taking CME’s via Harvard Medical School. These courses have been instrumental in Erin’s new endeavors in the Entertainment Industry, in particular dealing with a culture or environment that is addicted to health, youth and body image.

Erin continues to write articles pertaining to women and health issues, focusing on the needs of women in society and how exercise, mind-body connections and spirituality can all be intermeshed with a woman’s physical and mental health. To this end, Erin is currently writing a book detailing many of her childhood experiences with bullying, abuse, trauma, neglect and overcoming these issues. Having to be involved in many different enterprises is part of Erin’s genetic makeup. Speaking of DNA, Erin was tested four years ago and was found to be 51% Portuguese and the rest Italian, Spanish and Brazilian.

Known for her outspoken but loving personality, Erin is furthering her boundaries by taking on in the next few months a collaboration with Jason Ellis, the world’s premier fitness photographer and known as “The King of Covers” or his ability to get his clients on just about any cover of any fitness magazine. Their joint project will be a photo shoot for a nationally-recognized and very popular fitness magazine, an interview and the filming of a documentary with a still “under NDA” person of extreme interest and intellect.

The documentary is going to be Erin’s third foray into the world of Producing and should prove to be her most challenging project to date. With her involvement as a Board Member of Iastra Broadcasting and her partial involvement with their Business Development Division, the transition from Fitness Model to Spokesperson to Actress/Producer/Writer (and a member of SAG) has been a relatively smooth and extremely challenging one. Erin is an advocate for Women and Children’s Issues as well as Foster Children and Adopted Children nationwide.

With her love for children and as a mother and past therapist for two clients in an inner-city school and Adjunct Professor for a college in PA, Erin was awarded a Congressional Citation in 2012 by Congressman Leonard Lance, Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey for her dedication and advocacy to Foster Care Alumni of America. Then, in 2013, she received the G.O.D. Award or Global Officials of Dignity Award for Health and Fitness and was awarded a Certificate of Congressional Recognition and Outstanding Achievement by California Congresswoman Judy Chu, Ph.D., 27th District. Erin also serves as an Advisory Board Member at National Foster Youth Career Development Center.