From Fighting Fit to Films

3 months ago, trending news out of Hollywood announced Idiot Creations Films in Association with Erin J. Morgart (CEO Hadassah Group) were promoting the new crown jewel of their movie collection, SAYYAN The Film.

In this film, created by Faysal Abbas, the big screen depicts a true life story and uses reality suspense music to keep the audience on their heels. Faysal not only directs the film but also plays the lead role in it along with composing the music.

When creating a motion picture based on a true story, every detail has to be judged by its originality. Every effort is being made to ensure SAYYAN The Film succeeds in encompassing the art of storytelling, while keeping ingenuity as its top priority.

The film is just beginning to break ground and will be aiming its sights high to leave an imprint on the Pakistan Film Industry. Filming starts late Spring 2016.

As an Executive Producer, Erin J. Morgart will use her key social influence to make sure the picture hits home and stays true to its foundation. Look for all the updates and trending news pertaining to the film in the weeks to come.

Of course Erin continues to run at 1000mph so I was not surprised when I received the following press release from Tony Cutillo, her publicist as Erin’s attention swings from film to food!