Food to Fostering

I sometimes wonder how this Supergirl Erin manages to fly at such high speeds to accomplish so much each day. She works alongside Pediatricians and other MD’s on the Youth Program, helping parents and their children to work together to live a more fit lifestyle. She holds the titles of Ms. United Nations 2012 and 2013 (USA), as well as Ms. Galaxy Virginia 2012, using the Pageant Circuit to further her exposure as not only a trainer but as a Speaker and a role model for females and teens nationwide.

Erin is an advocate for Women and Children’s Issues as well as Foster Children and Adopted Children nationwide. With her love for children and as a mother and past therapist for two clients in an inner-city school and Adjunct Professor for a college in PA, Erin was awarded a Congressional Citation in 2012 by Congressman Leonard Lance, Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey for her dedication and advocacy to Foster Care Alumni of America. Then, in 2013, she received the G.O.D. Award or Global Officials of Dignity Award for Health and Fitness and was awarded a Certificate of Congressional Recognition and Outstanding Achievement by California Congresswoman Judy Chu, Ph.D., 27th District. Erin also serves as an Advisory Board Member at National Foster Youth Career Development Center.