Erin J.Morgart CHASING THE PASSION AT 1000 mph…

Fashion Fit Magazine can think of no better person to feature in our new 2016 issue than ERIN J. MORGART who is a true inspirational global role model for young people (and a few older ones) who have a passion to succeed but occasionally need encouragement, a helping hand and sometimes a little bit of luck. Erin continually formulates ideas and provides solutions to offer opportunities to share in her success and her work for charities and women’s rights would fill a book on its own.

Erin’s no religious fanatic but she truly believes that her God provides the force behind her road to success. She is also very open-minded and understands that others might follow their own path and respects them accordingly: as long as their aims are for the good of all.

Her success however is not the result of some sudden miraculous event: more a 24/7 regime of study, training and hard work. She might look like your idea of the typical U.S. bombshell featured in Hollywood blockbusters and magazines over the years or someone who has been reverently painted on the fuselage of an aircraft heading off to war but this kid’s no dumb blonde!