Anybody Want to Quit?

Erin is not simply a Certified Personal Trainer with expertise in Military Active Duty/Spinning/Crossfit/Pilates/Zumba & TRX but a person who is a world renowned published fitness Supermodel. She has been placed Fourth in the World as a Fitness Model in a year-long competition against thousands of females primarily ages 21-35 and promoted by the gold-standard of Fitness Publications, Athletes, Top Fitness Photographers and Judges — Status Fitness Magazine. As a Fitness Model, Erin has been published in over 400 newspapers and magazines and has had over 300 radio appearances.

Majoring in Psychology and Sports Medicine, with degrees from The Citadel and Harvard Medical School CME, Erin has received the highest accolades from the U.S military and other government VIPs for providing expert fitness training for the U.S Navy and other military units. As a Military (USN) Active Duty Fitness Trainer (NF3), she has worked with crews from Aircraft Carriers to Submarines to Destroyers — the largest of her classes contained two hundred and fifty active-duty sailors. While stationed in Hawaii for three years, the Admiral and his staff and many of the CO’s of the Commands continued to recommend her for awards as she successfully reduced not only the running times of the commands in question but also reduced their overall body fat and weight. Others who reaped the benefits of her Combat Fitness Training Program were the Seabees and the Hospital Corpsmen. She even trained the Navy Seals.

Asked by one TV reporter what was the secret of her success in training these hardened special forces, she replied I beat the shit out of them LOL!

And communicate – she can. Erin’s IQ befits her MENSA membership. She is fluent in four languages.

The Navy Seals certainly got the message…

There Are Two Ways to Do Something … the Right Way, and Again!