Fashion Fit Magazine was first published in 2008: as a personal project of Oriental actress, model and Hollywood stunt coordinator


1959 -2015

In her short but busy life, 5 feet tall Suzie fought her way from the slums of Manila to become much loved & respected by leading figures in international film & fashion industries, the political & diplomatic world and by many local global communities. She was simply unique: an actress, model & 4th Dan martial arts master & stunt coordinator with a passion for success and a burning desire to see others be given the opportunity to succeed with her.

At 35, Suzie gave up her promising TV & film career having worked with such names as Stanley Kubrick, Eartha Kit, Brenda Fricker and many other stars. With assistance from organizations that ranged from the United Nations to NASA and the ESA, Britain’s Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and various units of the U.S military, plus her friends in Hollywood, she concentrated on making the general public more aware of the positive roles of servicemen & women around the globe: (security, search & rescue, disaster relief & much more). She also brought attention to the many problems personnel have to face following injury in conflict theatre or other operations.

2003: Suzie formed Defense Interaction Intelligence Agency (DIIA) as a not-for-profit organization in the United States to further the aims listed above.

Within 5 years, DIIA had achieved a membership in excess of 50,000: all of whom backed the aims of DIIA. Members comprised public figures, VIPs, senior politicians and diplomats, military personnel, CEOs and senior management of corporations & companies linked to various sectors in over 100 countries: many involved in defense, security, aviation, shipping, international film & fashion, tourism and marketing.

2008: Suzie was aware that 40% of DIIA’s global membership of 50,000+ were female professionals: many high earners who also naturally had other interests outside of their wish to assist servicemen & women from the US, NATO and other Allied Forces. Utilizing these very unique contacts, she created Fashion Fit Magazine.

Primarily, she aimed the publication’s content purely for DIIA’s 20,000+ female members but soon found that Fashion Fit was attracting the attention of many males as well.

2010: A major publicity campaign was put into action to promote the magazine to all DIIA members (male & female). By June of 2010, Fashion Fit had achieved a readership of 32,000+ in 87 countries.

2011: Fashion Fit Magazine was published on the World Wide Web and was soon motivating 55,000+ readers per month from 126 countries.

2016: Fashion Fit Magazine is now viewed by over 230,000 per month in 198 countries around the world.

Sadly, we lost our Suzie Wong at 55, a few short months ago.

She started Fashion Fit Magazine for female professionals: members of DIIA. Over the years, as Fashion Fit evolved, Suzie ensured that the publication also became a vehicle to highlight role models for young people: provided inspiration to and promoted new talent in fashion, film, fitness training, photography and other walks of life.

Suzie was a fun loving girl with a fantastic sense of humor. Now, she has gone AWOL. Of course, we prefer to quote Sir Terry Pratchett OBE¬† the world famous English novelist…

Don’t think of it as dying. Just think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush!

Suzie’s beaming smile touched the hearts of so many and staff at Fashion Fit, Suzie’s family and her friends around the world are determined to keep the magazine going from strength to strength and ensure that her aims will be continued over future years.

A Biography on Suzie’s life is currently being written and it is hoped that this will be published late 2016.


The magazine is currently enjoying a total readership of over 230,000 per month from 198 countries.

Fashion Fit readers comprise 2 sectors:


Global members of the U.S organization DIIA.

Comprised of:

Public Figures

VIPs, Actors, Producers, Directors from Hollywood

Senior Politicians and Diplomats

Military personnel

CEOs and Executives of corporations & companies linked to various sectors in over 138 countries: many involved in defense, security, aviation, shipping, finance, international film & fashion, tourism and marketing.



The Defense Interaction Intelligence Agency (DIIA) is supported by public figures, VIPs and those listed above and its aim is to highlight the humanitarian roles of military servicemen & women from various countries who provide security for local communities around the world: respond to natural disasters with relief operations, deploy search & rescue units and working with such organizations as the United Nations, Save the Children and International Red Cross supply medical assistance and other services. DIIA also promotes awareness of the problems faced by service members and their families who have lost loved ones or who are overcoming injury caused during military operations or humanitarian missions.



60,000+ of Fashion Fit’s Total Readership comprise DIIA members based in 138 countries.

52% are males

78% are financially self sufficient or enjoy top level salaries

48% are female professionals.

58% are financially self sufficient or enjoy top level salaries.

Male & Female DIIA Members comprise:


Senior Ministers, Officials & Staff from over 90 Governments, International Diplomatic Personnel, UN, Intelligence Community, Decision Makers in Local Authorities.


Military Commanders, Officers  Men & Women from 68 nations: NATO & Allied Forces navy, army & air force Рsearch & rescue, coastguard, customs, law enforcement & emergency services.


CEOs, Board Members & Top Management from over 4,000 corporations & companies in 138 countries involved in supply of products & services to government, military, security and emergency service sectors.


Management worldwide linked to Commercial Aviation (324 Airlines, 546 Airports, various Airfields & Military bases, 121 Flying Clubs, 102 Helicopter Operations, 48 Private Jet Companies): Marine – 24 Cruise Lines, 61 Shipping Companies, 77 O&G plus Offshore. Land – 46 Rail Companies.


Tourism Departments in 104 countries, 1,875 Resorts or Hotels (with Dive links), Travel Companies (Adventure Sports / Dive / Ski): Individual divers.


Financial Institutions


Individual VIPs (Actors, Actresses, Film Directors, Editors & Studio Heads) Film Companies.


NGOs, Disaster Relief Organizations, Research Establishments, Environmental Groups.


Members – incognito

DIIA MEMBERS (Male & Female)

84% of DIIA members take 1 or 2 overseas vacations per year.




Approx 170,000+* of Fashion Fit’s Total Readership is viewed EACH MONTH from 198 countries by the General Public (non-DIIA members) on the World Wide Web.

*Although Fashion Fit can identify general public readers by city & country. We are unable to confirm socio-economic data on this sector viewing the magazine.